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Table 2

Comparision of MMCs techniques [13].

Route Cost Applications Comments
Diffusion bonding High Used to make sheets, blades, vane shafts, structural components Handles foils or sheets of matrix and filaments of reinforcing elements
Powder metallurgy Medium Mainly used to produce small objects (especially round), bolts, valves, high-strength and heat resistant materials Both matrix and reinforcements used in powder form, best for particulate reinforcement. Since no melting is involved, no reaction zone is develops, showing high-strength composite
Liquid-metal infiltration Low/medium Used to produce structural shapes such as rods, tubes, beams with maximum properties in a uniaxial direction Filaments of reinforcement used
Squeeze casting Medium Widely used in automotive industry for producing different components such as pistons, connecting rods, rocker arms, cylinder heads, suitable for making complex objects Generally applicable to any type of reinforcement and may be used for large scale manufacturing
Spray casting Medium Used to produce friction materials, electrical brushes and contacts, cutting and grinding tools Particulate reinforcement used: full density materials can be produced
Compocasting/rheocasting Low Widely used in automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and sporting goods industries, used to manufacture bearing materials Particulate reinforcement used: full density materials can be produced. Suitable for discontinuous fibers especially particulate reinforcement