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Table 8

Examples of interactions in selected fiber matrix system [47].

System Interaction Approx. temp. of significant interaction (°C)
C–Al Formation of Al4C3 550
C(I)–Ni Fiber recrystallization activated by Ni 1150–1300
C(II)–Ni Fiber recrystallization activated by Ni 800
B–Al Formation of bordies 500
SiC–Al Formation of TiB2 750
B–Ti No significant reaction below melting point(Formation of Al4C3) 660
Sic–Ti TiSi,Ti5Si3 and TiC form 700
SiC–Ni Formation of nickel silicides 800
Al2O3–Al No significant reaction
Al2O3–Ni Al,O dissolution(very little) gives pits 1100
  In air, NiAl2O4 formation 1100
W–Cu No interaction upto melting point 1083
W–Ni Recrystallization of fiber 1000
  Degredation of creep properties 900
W–Fe Formation of Fe7W6; dissolution of fiber 1000
Steel-Al Fe2Al5 formation 500
Tac-Co Dissolution(dissolution/reprecipitation) 1200