Rapeseed / Colza
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Table 5

Average rapeseed variety performance for some morphological, physiological and agronomic parameters under waterlogged pot conditions at different plant growth stages during 2015.

Parameters Varieties

Narjisse INRA-CZH2 INRA-CZH3 Lila
Root volume (mL) 5.83a 5.43a 5.18a 6.19a
Root weight (g) 8.83a 8.00a 7.97a 9.80a
Root length (cm) 27.31a 26.69a 26.80a 28.10a
Adventitious roots weight (g) 2.80ab 2.59b 2.79ab 2.88a
Chlorophyll content a (mg/g DW) 23.32a 23.63a 23.41a 22.67a
Chlorophyll content b (mg/g DW) 30.40a 30.69a 33.93a 30.24a
Proline content (mg/g DW) 0.211ab 0.319a 0.156b 0.218ab
Seed oil content (%) 38.94a 37.60a 39.93a 39.32a

For each parameter, mean values followed by the same letter are not statistically different (P < 0.05) according to DMRT.