Lipids and health / Lipides et santé
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Fig. 1


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a: relationship between n-3 PUFA and SFA for a range of foods and animal products (points of a same symbol represent a range of products or a given food group). Products with different symbols are listed below (from Schmitt et al., 2018): beef: beef ground 15% fat, roast beef (topside), beef chuck; beef steak grilled (chuck); pork: rib steak, pork chop, spare ribs, pork loin (Longissimus dorsi); poultry: chicken leg, chicken breast and rabbit; deli meat: lardons, ham cooked quality label, pâté country style, dry sausage, sausage (average); cheese: camembert 20% fat, emmental cheese, grated Gruyere, cheese goat, cheese, Roquefort ewe, cheese Tomme, uncured cheese spread 42% fat, Comté cheese; b: relationship between n-6 PUFA and n-3 PUFA for a range of foods and animal products (see legends on Fig. 1a); c: relationship between LA and ALA for a range of vegetable oils. Sunflower O for oleic; sunflower c for linolenic; LA and ALA are respectively 15.5 and 56 g/100 g for linseed oil.