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Figure 3.


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The sequence alignment of Echinococcus granulosus β4-tubulin and corresponding sequences from humans and parasites. Symbol meanings are as in Figure 2. EgB4, E. granulosus β4-tubulin; EmB1, E. multilocularis Tub-1 gene (7838198); EmB2, E. multilocularis Tub-2 gene (7838200); EmB3, E. multilocularis Tub-3 gene (7838202); HuB3, human B3 (50592996); HuB4, human B4a (574584803); HmB2C, H. microstoma beta 2C (674589300); HcB1, H. contortus beta tubulin isotype 1 (124244617); SjB2, S. japonicum beta 2 (226467271); PfB, P. falciparum beta (160732).