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Figure 3.


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SDS PAGE and Western blots with rEnSerp1, ESP and CWE. Lines 1–3, 1D gel. Lines 4–10, Western blot. M, protein standard; 1, rEnSerp1; 2, ESP; 3, CWE sample; 4, rEnSerp1 with anti-HIS antibodies; 5, rEnSerp1 without primary antibodies; 6, rEnSerp1 with anti-rEnSerp1 sera; 7, rEnSerp1 with pre-immune sera; 8, ESP with anti-rEnSerp1 sera; 9, ESP with pre-immune sera; 10, CWE with anti-rEnSerp1 sera. Arrow points to the expected recombinant EnSerp1 band. Arrowhead points to the natural form of EnSerp1 in the ESP sample. Dots indicate fragmented parts of rEnSerp1.