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Scanning Electron Microscopy (A–C, H–J) and photonic imaging (D–G, K–M) of gregarines infecting S. gregaria (A–G) and L. migratoria (H–M). S. gregaria gregarines: A, young trophozoite (epimerite (em) protomerite (pm) and deutomerite (dm)), (South Africa); B, intestinal tract infected by numerous gregarines (Morocco); C, gregarine encased in an intestinal host cell, enlargement of B (Morocco); D. Solitary gamont and syzygy (Belgium); E. Gametocyst form (cy) with developed sporoducts (spt) releasing oocyst chains (ooc); F, zoom on sporoduct extremity showing enclosed oocysts; G. released oocysts. L. migratoria gregarines: H, solitary gamont detached from intestinal host cell; I. zoom on gamont protomerite; J–K, gamonts associated in syzygies; L, Gametocyst form (cy) with developed sporoducts (spt); M. released oocysts. Scales are given for each figure.