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Figure 6


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Localization of EtCHP18905 in infected DF-1 cells by indirect immunofluorescence. Parasites incubated with anti-rEtCHP18905, stained with FITC (green)-conjugated secondary antibodies, and counterstained with DAPI (blue). Infected DF-1 cells were collected at indicated time points post-infection. (A) Sporozoites (Spz) in PBS, pRB, posterior refractile body; (B) Spz in complete medium. Infected DF-1 cells were collected at the indicated time points post-infection (pi); (C) 2hours pi (hpi); (D) immature schizonts (iSC) 48hpi; (E) mature schizonts (mSC) 72hpi; (F) merozoites (Mrz) in PBS.