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Table 1

Protective effect of rEtCHP protein on E. tenella infection.

Group Average body weight gains (g) Mean lesion scores Oocyst shedding per bird (×107) Percentage reduction of oocyst excretion (%)
Unchallenged control 258.62±70.26c 0.00±0.00a 0.00±0.00a 100d
Challenged control 180.87±45.38a 3.20±0.83c 4.43±0.99c 0.00a
rEtCHP-50μg 226.25±24.47b 1.75±0.95b 2.10±0.88b 54.07±11.76c
rEtCHP-100μg 235.25±23.44b,c 1.20±0.44b 3.26±2.47b,c 31.99±29.35b

Values with different letters in the same column are significantly different (P<0.05) according to the ANOVA Duncan test.