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Research Article
Volume 24, 2017
Article Number 50
Number of page(s) 13
Published online 06 December 2017

Supplementary Files


A) DNA sequence of gt2Engam56_2;

B) Sequence alignment of representative EnGAM56_2 and variant version gt2EnGAM56_2;

C) Alignment of 140 amino acids (translated DNA) of EfalGAM56_2 and EnGAM56_2;

D) DNA sequence of gt2Engam56_1;

E) Sequence alignment of representative EnGAM56_1 and variant version gt2EnGAM56_1;

F) Comparison of different repeat length in GAM56_2 homologs in two closely related avian Eimeria species;

G) Sequence alignment of GAM56 proteins;

H) Sequence alignment of GAM82 proteins.

SF 2: Obtaining Engam82 sequence from cDNA library;

SF 3: Contigs_cov_below_40;

SF 4: Contigs_cov_above_40.

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