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We are a not-for-profit publisher belonging to learned societies that have given us the mission to participate in the dissemination of important research work selected by a criterion of quality as a goal of accelerating scientific progress and cross-fertilisation of ideas of the society in general. EDP Open is the Open Access arm of EDP Sciences, a leading scientific publisher created in 1920 and now expanding globally. EDP Open also provides access to free content made available from the EDP Sciences platform.

EDP Open achieves responsible professional publishing of discerning quality content in natural and applied sciences with free access, to foster knowledge transfer and stimulate further developments and applications.
EDP Open survey reveals learned society attitudes towards Open Access.

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EDP Open at Frankfut Book Fair

On the second day of the Frankfurt Book Fair, EDP Open, the Open Access publishing arm of EDP Sciences, has released the results of a survey to appraise attitudes toward Open Access amongst learned so [ ... ]

SWSC receives First Impact Factor

EDP Sciences is pleased to announce that Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (SWSC) has received its first impact factor of 2.519 according to the 2013 Journal Citation Report, published by Tho [ ... ]

First articles published in new fully Open Access Journals from EDP Open

Download this press release (PDF) Paris, France, July 17th 2014 – EDP Open the new Open Access imprint from EDP Sciences has announced the publication of the first articles in their newly launche [ ... ]

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