Radical Innovation Design – A systematic and usage-driven innovation methodology to ensure usefulness for users and profitability for companies

Radical Innovation Design

Bernard Yannou et François Cluzel

Would you like to revisit some preconceived ideas on how to lead innovation processes?
In a data-rich world, data analytics should reveal essential challenges to innovation and model the effectiveness of potential solutions. A robust innovation methodology should refer to leading market solutions, constructing its innovation brief upon a comprehensive user experience analysis. To determine how well solutions satisfy a range of user needs, more sophisticated methods are required to qualify user experience and quantify its expected benefits and notable shortcomings. Once we have pinpointed the pertinent problems, assistance in organizing ideation processes would be beneficial, fostering the development of promising concepts and business models, as well as swiftly appraising the practical efficacy of innovative solutions. There should ultimately be an openness to automating, to some degree, the articulation of pertinent issues and the curation of the most useful and profitable solutions. Whether you share these convictions or are simply intrigued about innovation, this eBook is for you, as it shows how to innovate in an organized, modern way using the Radical Innovation Design® (RID) methodology. RID, a revolutionary computerized approach to knowledge- and usage-driven innovation, excels at the in-depth exploration and exploitation of problems and solutions and has proven its effectiveness in a wide range of industries. Aimed at professionals new to innovation, students and innovation experts alike, it offers three customized journeys to explore original concepts using practical illustrations and real-life projects.

The authors, Bernard Yannou and François Cluzel, are both design and innovation engineering faculties at CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay, and have extensive teaching experience. With a long list of industrial design and innovation books to their credit, they have supervised numerous doctoral theses in industrial environments. This eBook and related downloadable material are open-access to disseminate RID-based practices.

ISBN (ebook) : 978-2-7598-3066-4
DOI : https://doi.org/10.1051/978-2-7598-3066-4
25 March 2024
384 pages
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