EDP Sciences announces the launch of EDP Open

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Paris, France, February 4th 2014 – EDP Sciences, a learned - society owned publisher – has announced the launch of EDP Open – a new Open Access imprint.

EDP Sciences has almost a century’s experience of publishing high quality, international journals, magazines, books and websites. Today, EDP partners with prestigious societies, publishers and prominent academics.

Open Access represents a significant shift in the journals publishing landscape, creating both opportunities and threats for societies and other specialist publishers. EDP Sciences has extensive experience of both converting subscription journals to Open Access, and launching Open Access titles. EDP Open becomes their new platform for Gold Open Access publishing.

“We have an active Open Access programme,” said Jean-Marc Quilbé, President of EDP Sciences. “We’ve worked with a range of societies and publishers to advise them on their best response to Open Access trends and policies. For some of our partners, this has been to convert their journal to full Open Access; for others, a hybrid approach has been more appropriate. Increasingly now we’re being asked to support the launch of new Gold Open Access journals, and EDP Open is our response to this.”

EDP Open provides access to more than 70,000 Open Access scientific articles from across all EDP Sciences’ journals and also hundreds of conference proceedings. EDP Open has also launched two new Gold Open Access journals: Manufacturing Review – a forum for presenting the latest advances, developments and applications of manufacturing engineering, technology and applied sciences; and also EPJ Applied Metamaterials – a platform for multidisciplinary researchers to exchange information on metamaterials with a focus on high impact engineering applications.

“At EDP we believe Open Access holds many opportunities for society publishers,” continued Quilbé. “Of course, we’re aware that the threat to establis hed income sources need managing too. We don’t dictate a specific approach, but we do feel it’s important for societies to explore their options and begin to integrate Open Access into their activities. We help them do just that. There can be little doubt that Open Access is here to stay.”

About EDP Sciences and EDP Open

EDP Sciences is a not-for-profit publisher, established in 1920, belonging to learned societies with a mission to participate in the dissemination of important research that accelerates scientific progress and cross-fertilisation of ideas of the society in general. EDP Open is the Open Access arm of EDP Sciences. EDP Sciences is located in Paris and London and publishes over 55 scientific journals in the physical sciences, mathematics, life and environmental sciences, energy, materials and engineering, health and biomedical sciences. It also publishes 20 professional magazines, conference proceedings (www.webofconferences.org) and books.